Title: Tending The Wounded
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kellifer_fic
Rating: PG
Category: SGA, Lorne/Novak
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 700
Notes: I've done enough angsty badness to these two for a while. Time for some schmoop. Part of the Relationship From Scratch series.

Lorne was pretty sure he’d gone to sleep fully clothed, exhausted and alone. The exhaustion was still present and heavy but the other two items seemed to have been altered somewhat.

“Um, hello?”

The hands on his belt paused. He had been divested of tac vest and shirt without being woken which was a feat in and of itself, Lorne usually a ridiculously light sleeper.

“Oh, um, hi.” The voice was tentative and also blessedly familiar.

“Ah, Lindsay? What are you doing?” Lorne reached out a hand and snapped on his bedside lamp. The shadows were chased to the four corners of his room and he could make out Lindsay, not actually straddling him but not far from it, folded legs snugged up against his right hip.

“I was just thinking,” Lindsay said, dropping her head so a curtain of hair swung forward to obscure her face. Lorne grinned in the gloom because while he’d always scoffed at the usual cliché male fantasies, there was something definitely to be said for the tightly coiffed woman letting it all hang out.

“We keep making all these plans and they end in disaster. I was just trying to be a little more… spontaneous.”

Lorne put a hand out and rested it at Lindsay’s side. He trailed it down and realised she must have been wearing one of his shirts and nothing else, the fabric stopping at a very interesting place on her thigh. He silently cursed the jungle he had only just trudged through for forty eight hours straight and the busted knee he’d managed to get following Parrish down an embankment.

“Not that I don’t appreciate the thought,” Lorne started when Lindsay went back to working on his belt, tugging it free and whipping it across the room. “But uh…” Lorne tapped the ice pack on his leg with his other hand. There’d been a collapse in one of the older sections of the city and the infirmary was full. Lorne had merely taken one of the ice packs for himself and promised to return the next morning. He hadn’t even made it to the shower, merely tossing the sleeping bag from his duffle over his bed and then crashed. “Plus I think I’ve reached new levels of reek.”

“Yes, I noticed you were pretty… dirty,” Lindsay said, her voice dropping an octave and Lorne who’d been idly rubbing the hem of the shirt Lindsay was wearing and not-so-idly the skin underneath it froze.

“Doctor Novak!” Lorne squeaked and Lindsay laughed, the high, bright sound Lorne was pretty sure he’d never get tired of. Lorne fluttered his hands up to his chest and covered his nipples with his fingers. “I’m not sure I should take this molestation lying down!”

Lindsay had leaned over the side of the bed and now reappeared with a medium-sized bowl. Lorne caught the scent of honey and other spices. Lindsay had dipped something into the bowl and now held up one of Lorne’s arms, trailing what he discovered was a wash cloth over his hand, across his palm and down his forearm. “Doctor Healey told me you were going to have to stay off that knee for at least a couple of days. I’m helping.” There was a grin in Lindsay’s voice now and Lorne couldn’t help but smile as well. She was damn infectious when she wanted to be.

“Is this the kind of sponge bath with a happy ending?” Lorne asked as the wash cloth trailed over his shoulder and across his chest, bumping the fingers he still had resting there aside.

A hand came down flat but gentle right over Lorne’s groin and he jerked, dislodging his ice pack and making a high, somewhat undignified squeak that he would never admit to in the light of day. “Depends if you can be a good boy and stay still,” Lindsay said. “Wouldn’t want to hurt you.”

Lorne jerked upright, upending the basin of water and hooking an arm around Lindsay’s waist. His knee protested but the pain seemed almost indistinct and far away when he had Lindsay’s face pressed against his neck, her laughter in his ear.

“Not going to be a problem.”


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