Title: Intervention
By: [livejournal.com profile] kellifer_fic
Fandom: SGA
Rating: PG
Characters: Lorne, Sheppard (Implied Lorne/Novak)
Words: 391
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue, no money!
Notes: Fic is standalone but part of the Relationship From Scratch Series. Chronologically set after A Wonderful Life

Of all the people to bring it up, Sheppard is the last one he expects to.

“So… you and Novak?”

They are sitting on either side of Sheppard’s desk, working through his staff evaluations. To be more honest, Lorne is doing them and Sheppard is reading and then signing them off. Lorne looks up for a moment, eyebrows raised and then realises what he has just been asked.

“We’re okay,” Lorne evades, hating the way his voice sounds a little strangled and he goes back to writing up a Captain Harris and feeling sorry for the guy because he’s just been completely derailed. He’s pretty much going to have to write satisfactory because his mind is a blank on who the guy actually is.

“That’s not really what I… heard.” Sheppard sounds just about as strangled and when Lorne looks up, he realises his commanding officer is blushing furiously.

“What you heard?” Lorne prods and the blush just deepens. Lorne decides to cut Sheppard some slack and maybe curry some good favour in the process. “Who’s been badgering you to ask?”

“Everyone!” Sheppard barks out, loud and sudden and Lorne flinches. His hand arcs across his datapad, deleting Captain Harris’ evaluation. “God, everyone,” Sheppard repeats, dropping his head into his hands after he’s pushed aside his own datapad.

Lorne is a little at a loss what to do so reaches out a tentative hand and pats Sheppard on the shoulder. “Are you going to be okay, Sir?” he ventures.

“Not if you two don’t get back together and be all bunnies and puppies again,” Sheppard moans and now has dropped his head onto the desk.

“Bunnies and… puppies?” Lorne asks, bewildered.

“Apparently you and Novak were like this romantic comedy that everyone was addicted to and now it’s been put on permanent hiatus with no warning. Everyone’s going a little nuts.”

Lorne stands up, does a small circuit of Sheppard’s office and returns to his chair. He rests a hand on the back of it but doesn’t sit. “Permission to… go, Sir?” he pleads and Sheppard puts a hand up and waves him out.

Lorne leaves and heads straight for Doctor Heighmeyer’s office because he’s either just had a very small breakdown or everyone else is crazy.

He’s really hoping it’s just him.


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