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([personal profile] kellifer Apr. 15th, 2015 08:33 am)
Looks like all but 1 of my fics is now off the Ebooks Tree site so that's positive. Not sure if it was the DMCA or the AO3 folks working their magic so might just lock the 1 affected fic to registered users until I can work out how to get that one removed too. >:/

I suppose it's hard because unscrupulous people have noticed us since they keep shining a light in our little fandom corner and this will probably become more of a problem. It's certainly made me think about downloading anything from a "free" site, because there's always someone that's being taken advantage of at the end of the line - nothing is truly free. I've always felt safe and isolated in fandom but that's slowly being chipped away as more stuff like this happens.
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From: [personal profile] beatrice_otter

Why would you lock the fic they still have up? The point of locking your fic is so that random-bot-from-teh-intarwebs can't scrape it and take it back to the infringing site (note that it doesn't mean they can't do it at all, just that they need to have an account to do it, and if AO3 can figure out what the account is, they can block/disable that account).

If they already have the fic ... they have no need to redownload it, they've already got it, and there isn't any point in locking it. I wouldn't bother locking that fic or indeed any of the fic they've already posted (since there's a good chance they've kept copies of the files even if they've taken them down). If you're going to lock any fic, it would logically need to be the fic they haven't gotten yet.


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