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([personal profile] kellifer Aug. 28th, 2014 12:46 pm)
-> It's been a while since an update but it doesn't seem like it because I use my DW to write when I'm at work so I'm actually on it everyday pretty much - heh.

-> I'm heading to OzComicCon in a couple of weeks, mostly to support a friend who is re-launching some of his books but also to meet some artists and hopefully catch a sneaky glimpse of Jason Momoa. I bet he's impressive looking in real life. I could buy an autograph/photo op ticket but I'm weird about meeting celebs in real life. They can stay firmly on my screen and away from me. Being in Australia I don't have to worry much about randomly running into many. I met James Marsters the once and apparently both Hugh Jackman and David Wenham have been at the same beach as me at the same time but I tend to run the other way. ALTHOUGH - I am tempted to try and meet Mark Sheppard because c'mon, how often do you get the opportunity to meet Crowley?

-> Got all keen to get to podficcing again and even finished and posted my Darcy/Clint podfic and then developed a wracking cough/flu combo that has destroyed my voice and stamina and has hung on for 3 weeks. I've got a bunch of stuff I want to do, all the permissions I need (either asked or blanket - love blanket permissions!) and CAN'T RECORD ANYTHING FFS.

-> Got a couple of things I'm really looking forward to in the next little while - Comicon and seeing Bill Bailey and heading to Quay restaurant (for those that have watched the Aussie Masterchef - Quay is the home of the famous Snow Egg dessert which is still on the menu and we're planning to eat its face off - NOM!)
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