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([personal profile] kellifer Jul. 17th, 2014 08:37 am)
Does anyone know a good online document site (not google docs because that just doesn't work for me well, or really at all) that's simple but reliable? I know I'm probably asking too much from the interwebs for such a beast to exist. :)

Basically - I write at work a lot of the time during my lunch breaks but I'm going to have a quiet week next week so it might be a good opportunity to get the zillion WIPS I have unWIP-ed but google docs at work just doesn't load and I can't access DW (where I normally write) outside of 'social' hours because work blocks it during 'working' hours. (I can access LJ any old time so it's disappointing that the entry part now is bollocks and basically unuseable too).

I would pretty much like to stop using google docs for my file sharing anyway because even at home on my pretty Windows 8 with fast internet - it still freezes and crashes and is basically crap. Am I on an old version and didn't realize it and everyone else is using a shiny new program I don't know about?
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I use google docs mostly, so not much help there. Have you tried another cloud thing like Dropbox? It's a file sharing thing, but if you work with a text file you should be able access it from anywhere. I can open text files from it on my phone even (although editing a text file with the phone is a pain, still... it's possible)

I'll be curious to see what suggestions other people come up with. Something a little less 'data mining' than google would be nice.
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Have you tried a note-taking app like Evernote? It's designed to sync with multiple systems. Dunno about installing an app on a work computer.


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